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Why does Yahoo!Answers send "warning" emails when one of their precious rules is allegedly violated but won't tell the alleged violator?

what the complaint is about or what snowflake cried about it?  maybe some cry baby just misunderstood my answer.  Maybe their panties are in a tight wad.  Tell me what the problem is and maybe I'll correct it in the future.


No, pat. I only asked the question because I had nothing else to do today.  Your point of view offends me.  Will you stop posting now?  I hope not.  I need the comedy relief.

Update 2:

roderick, no identification is made regarding the cry baby or the question/answer that made them feel bad.

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    1 month ago

    Maybe you need to turn down the temperature of your rants and rhetoric a tad bit. Just saying.

  • 1 month ago

    I suggest you read this post to your mom and ask her if she is offended by it.  

    Personally, I was offended by your juvenile use of terms like "snowflake" "cry baby" and "panties in a tight wad", which are insulting members, which is specifically forbidden by the rules.  

    I just clicked on your name and saw a post about immigrants containing some really insulting and nasty language such as "desert", "hole", "criminal" and "brats".  You really need someone to tell you why that's wrong?

  • 1 month ago

    I've never gotten that warning, but since people have posted "what was wrong with this..." on the forum, I assume that Yahoo at leasts identifies which question or answer was the problem.

    If you just got this one time and are at a loss to figure out what it might have been, it could simply be that the post was well within the rules, but disliked by a few users.  In that case, I'd say just continue on, answering gracefully and dipolomatically.  However, if this happens a lot of one person, it would be time to re-evaluate what they're posting.  This is where someone can ask, "what was wrong with this?" with an excerpt of ONE of the posts.

    @merlin, I will look at your post if you want and give my opinion.  Email me direct, throught your profile.

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