How to wear arthritis compression gloves with a ganglion cyst?

I have swollen fingers sometimes with my arthritis and thought the Dr arthritis compression gloves would work. Never wore them yet bc I have not bad since I bought them. If I see swelling and yet don't get pain can I still wear them while sleeping? Also even if I don think I'm swollen would it still be a good idea to wear them? Also yesterday I had ganglion cyst pain that was making sharp electric like zings for my arthritis bc I have arthritis in same hand that has the cyst unfortunately. I believe the ganglion cyst puts pressure on tendons and lower hand hurts from it occasionally.   You know like when you get static cling from staticy clothes and then touch a doorknob and get shocked, that is the best I can think to describe how I feel zings in my hand sometimes. Like getting shocked when you're static charged but in my hand. Can I use the compression gloves while at work to help release pain? Or what? Should I only use while sleeping? Now just in case anyone  asks, I was told to buy these from Dr. 


Tho I was suggested to get these from my Dr. not really any info on how or when to use them or when not to. 

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  • 1 month ago
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    There are many different glove designs with different materials and varying amounts of compression.  The effects of compression gloves vary widely from person, so the only way to know how they will work for you is to try them out and see what happens.  Thinner gloves with open fingertips might work for daytime use.  The gloves are awkward for holding on to objects. 

    Compression gloves are likely to aggravate pain from ganglion cysts, but maybe you could cut out a small hole in the portion of the gloves where the cysts are located to relive pressure.  The gloves would need to be made of a material that would not fray or run when cut.

    A potential alternative or addition to compression gloves is traction  - where you gently, but firmly pull each finger outward and hold the pressure for around 10 seconds and repeat several times.  Sometimes this provides rapid relief that lasts up to a day or longer (and sometimes it doesn't work at all).

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