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Why do people care more about fake drama on TV, fake politics, video games, and social media than their own family and friends and education?

Why do people care more about getting likes from random people they don’t even care about or even know on social media than getting LOVE from their own family and real life friends by spending time with them? People care more about getting the to the next level in video games than they do about getting to the next level in their education and/or career. They care more about fake politics drama on Fox News and CNN and fake reality tv shows than they do their personal finances and providing for their families. Why?

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    1 month ago

    cause theyre addicted to all that stuff

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Money isn't everything or status.

    You have to be a gamer to understand btw.

    It's an addiction and very stimulating.

    The news is no different than coming on yahoo answers.

    So how can you think coming on yahoo answers makes you better than people who play video games, like celebs, movies, or political news outlets?

    Now I'm calling you out on your bs.

    Some of us dont want a family with kids or to "provide".

    People should share expenses, mind their own business, and rescue animals instead of breed and have a status house or life.

    I'm very happy playing video games every day, no college degree, and working to make just enough to be happy. No kids to worry about either, unless you count pets as kids. 

    Relatives take care of themselves mostly.

    Mom mom is a witch and I dont associate with her.

    I mean like a toxic person. 

    Screw college, I'd rather find another new trade skill, game all I want, party, and make my own rules in life and not be told how to live.

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    You do realize that people can care about both, right? Idiot. People are allowed to enjoy things 

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