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My mother has coronavirus and my dad will not tell any of his employees who he works with, is this wrong with my father?

My mom is okay and she has a mild case. However, my father runs a company and I work there and he told me not to tell anybody. When I asked him quietly help my mom as he put his finger up to his mouth like sshhhh.  I guess therefore he’s following through with keeping it a secret. 


Since he could expose employees and potentially lead to a super spreader at his office is this wrong with him? Is he putting peoples lives at risk? He’s a good man but he’s always had an arrogance to him.  Also notorious for having me keep secrets for him or lie for him.  


?— I don’t live with him so I’m safe. Unless he is given it to me that is but I got tested Tuesday and it came back negative.  I feel he should be warning people though. 

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    Totally out of order/irresponsible, you both should be self isolating.

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    If the authorities find out, they will him down and fine him. If someone gets it in the office and they die, he will go to jail.   tell him all of this.

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    Yes, he is. You've both been exposed and you're exposing other people.

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    A positive test can be determined with a Cycle Threshold (CT) of 27. 

    The majority of labs are using CTs between 32 and 40.  This means people are testing positive for a cold they had last year.

    As previously mentioned, if the labs were coordinated to perform testing samples at 27 the "cases" would drop by 80%.

    This is why people are not feeling sick and are told to go home.  They do not have Covid-19.

    This is NOT misinformation and I am NOT a Conspiracy Theorist.  These numbers have been published by the medical field.

    Chances are she probably has a slight cold or flu.  It is cold and flu season after all.

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