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Is my dad wrong to keep it a secret from people he’s around that someone he lives with has Covid?

He’s having me keep it a secret for him also.  It’s my mother that has the virus.  


He’s in an office all day with people those wife is not, I have also called him without a mascon a few times at work. 

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    If anyone in your family spent more than 15minutes within 6ft of your mom any day for the previous 7 days prior to her illness onset = ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE NEED TO QUARANTINE.

    -- not doing this is the REASON that covid rates are skyrocketing and not decreasing.

    -- if he hasn't had close contact with his wife, there is no reason to tell anyone.

    Here's some info on how to quarantine with people in your house:

    You DON'T wear masks in your own house, so I'd guess that you see him more without a mask on then you do with a mask on.

  • a
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    2 months ago

     You mean 'without a mask on?' You called him without a mask? Do you mean 'caught him without a mask?' What the heck?

    I don't know where your father works, or the rules, gubernatorial mandates or laws where you live. Where I am, gubernatorial mandates require masks in public. I wouldn't be allowed to come in to work without a mask. I take my temperature every day at work.Common sense would be for your father to work from home until your mother is well and he should self-quarantine for a week after, as well.  

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    As long as he has NO physical contact with anyone else or no one goes to their home. Otherwise he is being very irresponsible.  

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