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Late Premolar Eruption?

When I was 16 I had a baby tooth pulled because the adult tooth (second premolar) was so crooked in the mouth it wasn't erupting and loosening the baby tooth. The dentist told me it would probably not ever come in without surgery or braces. My teeth are otherwise straight, so I just lived with a missing tooth since then. I'm 25 now and in the last few months the tooth has erupted! It hasn't caused me any pain and other than the tooth being a little small, it seems to be in the right place. Is this normal? I've scoured the internet and can't really find any info about it. It just seems really interesting to me and I also just want to make sure my tooth miraculously straightening itself is just super lucky and I don't need to make an emergency visit to a dentist lol. Any info about the how/why is also welcome! Thanks!


It's on the top left of my mouth if that helps!

Update 2:

Also, so many things I forgot to add, I legitimately have so much space in my mouth. All four wisdom teeth and still spaces between some of my teeth! Space has never been an issue!

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