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Is 4 days a week of exercise enough to build muscle and lose fat?

I’m thinking of doing this:

Mon- exercise***

Tue- exercise***

Wed- rest

Thurs- rest 

Fri- exercise***

Sat- exercise***

Sun- rest

My exercise is a 40 min HIIT workout, 20 min of body weight muscle exercises, stretching.  

If I get sufficient nutrition (protein, calories, nutrients, etc.) is this schedule enough to gain muscle and lose a little fat/ get toned?

(Female, 130lbs, 21 years old)


Also, is it fine to eat shrimp pasta two days in a row (so on to of my rest days: Wed and Thurs)?

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    Considering fat loss is FAR more about diet than exercise, any fitness program is fine in that regard. As for building muscle 4x a week to workout is fine also. You'll be fairly limited on how much muscle you can build with just 20 mins of bodyweight exercises. 


    Also, 40 mins of HIIT is a LOT, and it's not recommended HIIT workouts be done on back to back days, because they are so intense. Per the source link "a good rule of thumb to have at least one day of low-intensity exercise between two HIIT days" and "most HIIT workouts last just about 20 minutes or so" because of how intense they are. Doing too much HIIT runs the risk of injury and just general 'burnout'.


    You may eat shrimp pasta any time you desire. Shrimp is a healthy protein, and some pasta (esp if whole grain) is fine. Just keep your portion sizes reasonable.

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