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I worked with a guy on a movie trailer, and I quit because he was too much of a jerk, now he's badmouthing me online?

I shared the trailer with a friend because I was a major part of it, they commented how the project is not the same without me. The Director started badmouthing me and got really nasty. Myself, I decided to stay oit of it because its pure drama, and he was the most amateur guy who had the biggest ego and temper I ever worked with.

I contributed a ton of ideas and hard work to the project, only to get into an argument over politics, mainly his intolerant views, and then I got acused of taking over. I know this all sounds vague, but am I best ignoring him amd letting people see for themselves. A it's been dead in the water since I left, and B, he is a real ****** and very unprofessional.

I feel like I am Dave Mustain who left Metallica. They used some of my songs, if not most I wrote. Except here it's me mostly acting amd the main character. Half the scenes were my hard work and ideas too because I also did sets, casting, and props.

So basicly it's very toxic for me to even look at this thing from years ago, but I feel like going on the comments and speaking up fir myself, but am afraid it will just look like I'm the one with drama and has no life coming back years later to say something?

I also dont want them seeing my new channel pr what I've been up to because now they've made it clear we are enemies, and they are such angry amd hateful people.

Lastly very ungrateful to the countless hours I put in. They took full credit. I say they being the director and his co-producer.


Sorry for typos.

I mean I look good in it.

 I told my girlfriend not to comment things like this because it just throws fuel to the fire. She accidentally used my account too and they just went off on me saying how I have no life, and 4 years later I come to see myself etc.

I replied explaining it was not me, and that they still have not changed much, then decided to erase all of the comments. Now it's like, ok they won?

Damned of I do or dont?

Technically I could sue because there's no contract

Update 2:

Like 4 years ago we got into a facebook battle and all his friends just made it seem like I was the troll etc. I hate to say it, but Trump had a lot to do with it.

Which, I dont even discuss politics at all, bit they found out I liked Trump and started being completely unprofessional, besides that, they'd get drunk and start yelling at everyone and becomming total jerks 

I quit, but they're saying I was fired. Which is not true. They seem to like using my scenes too. No signed permission.

Update 3:

@Robert I did not sign anything. I'm allowing it to be on youtube because I do look good in it, but them badmouthing me whilst showing me makes no sense.

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  • Gonzo
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    1 month ago

    You are better off without them, They are petty and jealous since they can't do the project without you. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Is this something you'd otherwise add to your portfolio? Hopefully you have copies of your original work. Depending on the nature of the "bad-mouthing", if it costs you business, and if you can prove it to be false, you may have grounds for suing for libel. At the very least, you can contact YouTube and have them take the video down or else properly credit you for your work.

  • Robert
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    1 month ago

    If they paid you and you signed a release it's their property and they can do what they wish with it.   If you did not sign  a release for use of your work, you may have a legal right to restrict your works being presented in public.  

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