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What are some tips for writing timed essays?

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    Always - always - start writing very early in the morning as this will ensure you should be finished by evening. It's just no good starting a timed essay too late, you see, as you'd only have, at best, an hour or so to finish it. I should know, as I started writing this answer very late and consequently I don't th

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    Think about the topic that interests you the most and elaborate on it until you've covered about 70% of what you want to say than work on the second topic that excites you the second most and than the third idea that excites you the third most - if you do not have enough content to cover all your topics - add extra paragraphs where you compare or contrast between one topic and another - professors are lazy and busy - and having something simple and easy to understand but heavily detailed is all you need to get your high grade 

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    Plan ahead with themes.

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    Make your outline first.  If your essay is an hour aim for 10 minutes to do your outline, spend no longer than 15 minutes on it.  By the time you've finished your first paragraph you should know what your conclusion will be already.  If your essay is digital you can write it right away and then write the body of the essay in between the opening and conclusion.  If not reserve the last five minutes for the conclusion, even if you're not "done" yet.  If you find that you're running short of time whilst writing the body start skipping examples to support your points.  In the outline you should have two or three examples to support each paragraph.  Drop this down to one if necessary.  It's better to finish your argument so the examiner can follow your thought process.  If you think you might have a little time left over leave a blank spaces to shoehorn in an example.  It should make it obvious to the examiner that you did have examples at the ready but ran out of time, so your biggest fault was not budgeting your time well as opposed to not having done the reading to support your arguments.

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