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Will our lives be swallowed by eternity?

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    Friend I've had a little taste of eternity I died about 30 years ago from a crack cocaine overdose I was dead so long that they were busy writing me a death certificate and had me in the freezer! It was actually more than 30 minutes!Β  Eternity is a fearful thing if you have no point of reference. This is why Christians put their trust in Jesus Christ and in God they are a point of reference to run to.

    When suddenly you're faced with billions of miles in all directions. And you lose what's called your personality.

    You're still aware at this point but you can't even remember your own name. A person standing in the middle of endless confusion. Is instinctively drawn to light. Thankfully Jesus is quite bright standing there like a beacon in eternity.

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    we wont be swallowed...THE BORN AGAINS WILL LIVE FOREVER!!!

  • Why do I feel like this is a repeat question? Am I losing it?

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