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Why do women expect a relationship just because you have sex with them?

Everyone these days is acting like sex is no big deal and I know women have certain prerequisites for sex besides being attracted to the guy, they like to be close to the guy and things of this nature. So why do they try to hold guys to to a higher standard after he has had sex with them and try to force a relationship on him? And don’t try to call me a pig I know there are a lot of guys that feel the same way! By the way, I don’t make false promises to women in terms of promising them a relationship. I simply feel as though they go in to the sexual act with no expectations other than enjoying our time together which is the same as I view it. 

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    Sex might be fun obviously, as are drink and drugs no doubt, but outside of a strong and well established relationship it can turn out to be disastrous. Not only can pregnancy and STDs result, but sexual intercourse can often be emotionally bonding (especially if regular or frequent), and when the strong friendship, mutual values and interests etc. are not in place this can prove emotionally confusing. Just read some of the questions here, or watch some of the daytime t.v. shows with very unhappy people who have had sex too soon and/or with the wrong person. It can also cost a girl her self respect and the respect of others (including future boyfriends).

    Do you know the story of the lad here in England who found an old lamp in his grandmother's attic, and when he started to rub it a genie appeared? The genie offered the young man a single wish - "Anything you want, just name it". "Well", came the studied reply, "I have always wanted to go to America, but I am terrified of flying and become very seasick even on my local duck pond. Please can you build a road bridge across the Atlantic?" The genie paused. "This really is a big ask, and I don't think it can be fulfilled; have you alternative?" The lad thought then said, "I have always wondered how a woman thinks". The genie eventually replied, "How wide do you want the bridge to be?"

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    If everyone's intentions are clear from the beginning that no relationship is wanted or to be had, then I guess it's them realizing they want more? But if the intentions aren't exactly clear in the beginning as to one or both parties only wanting sex, then they may think they're getting into more than what is actually going on. There are a lot of guys who don't make it clear they only want a casual, sexual relationship, and they string women along, with either false promises or implications of something more, which is why a lot of them have a hard time trusting guys. I think a lot of people also like to make themselves believe sex is no big deal, but it kind of is deep down. Obviously there are people who can go about it no problem and move on because they just want to satisfy their urges or whatever, but for a lot of people it's more and gives you the feeling of having a connection with the other person. People can tell themselves all they want that it means nothing, but if they're the type of person that still wants to hang out and cuddle and talk and all that other relationship based stuff afterwards, it obviously means a great deal more to them than they originally thought and they should revise their priorities. I don't know. A lot of people get tricked, a lot of people feel tricked, and some people just don't care. It's kind of up to them to make sure they are on the right page with the other person and to decide as to whether or not what they're about it to is actually a good idea. But like I said, if everything is made clear from the beginning, it's kind of on them when they suddenly try to take it further and get nothing in return. 

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    Because a lot of woman think that because they give a man sex that automatically means the man loves them.

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    Some humans don't understand themselves, it's human nature like you said.

    Humans multiply.

    If you think woman function a certain way, there has to be a woman that knows she subconsciously operates that way, they might over come by developing stoic attributes.

    If it's human nature, once understood can overcomed.

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