Will covid become the new excuse as to why people are doing so bad financially?

Ten years ago people blamed the recession for their bad money choices. Will it become covid now? My family wasn’t hurt by the recession or covid. I know a lot of people lost their jobs around March 2020, but seriously if you haven’t found a job by now it’s your fault. If you didn’t loose your job, your just bad with money or poor. Covid didn’t hurt those who didn’t let it hurt them. I was still a child during the recession but during covid I got a GED, a job, got into college, got a car (paid in full so no payments), I didn’t let this slow me down. I drove 50 miles to the only open testing center to take my GED and passed every single one despite only having a 9th grade education. There’s a million excuses why you can’t or aren’t, but there’s only one that’s true and it’s, you. Sorry this became a rant but I just wanted to vent a bit.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You are a 17 year old teen. You have NO idea.....

  • 2 months ago

    It's fantastic that you have been able to accomplish these things in the past year.

    It was reported this week that 900,000 people filed for unemployment last week.

    This doesn't include the MILLIONS already receiving benefits.

    Are you really so simple minded that you think there are this many open jobs?

    Or do you really think that an attorney that went from earning $700,000 to next to nothing can live on your minimum wage income?

  • a
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    2 months ago

    I live in a 'foodie' city. I suspect most restaurants are just barely keeping their heads above water, with few customers sitting and eating. Cashiering at CVS or Wally-world doesn't pay the same as they were getting for a shift at  Le Expensive Tasting Boutique. So if they already had a mortgage or car payment, it's tough.

    Driving - once- 50 miles to a testing center is one thing. Driving 30-40-50 miles to a new job is a considerable expense if you consider fuel, depreciation, and insurance. You're going to college? Interesting choice, considering how college grads are scrambling for jobs now - but you say nothing about how you're paying for it. Or your car ...are the folks ponying up the money if you get your act together? That's not *quite* the same as being self reliant. Nor is living in Mom and Dad's house while you crow about these accomplishments when other people have households and maybe even kids to provide for.

    No doubt about it, some people don't have a lot of initiative. But that's not everybody.

  • G
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    2 months ago

    There are many people who have been seriously hurt by both events - health, career, personal finances. Generally however, for most in the USA and several western and Asian countries I agree with you @David. These have been times of great opportunity and it is up to the individual to make the most of them. No excuses!

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The recession was great for me.   I bought a second home for half price and bought a lot of great stocks.

    Covid has been neutral for me financially.    My investments have been growing like gangbusters and my employment is relatively secure.   Unfortunately I can't work remotely, so there's that risk of death from pandemic which is peachy.    

    I'm glad you've turned your life around.   I'm guessing that as a 9th grade drop-out, you have a pretty stable support system to be able to afford a car and college education. 

    It's true that there are a lot of people who make stupid decisions or who are lazy.   But not everyone's starting line is in the same place and some people have more challenges than others.   Even grown adults who think they have done everything right can find themselves in a pickle if their spouse is diagnosed with alzheimers at age 45 or their child is paralyzed in a car crash or they struggle with addiction due to medication that was prescribed by a physician. 

    Taking personal responsibility for your own life is wonderful!   But don't be so quick to judge others.   You are still very young and you will discover that life throws you some curveballs and that you will be very grateful for and humbled by the help that saves you.

  • H
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    2 months ago

    Excuse me but not everyone is privileged like you. When the number of job seeker is higher than the number of job then we have a serious problem. The economy is slowly recovering but many people are still taking a hit. 

    Your rant just shows how small minded you really are. 

    EDIT: Messed up my sentence.

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