saw movie question e?

the issue with the razor wire maze

tbh i found it much more scary and terror like than even the pend trap

but who made the trap and he could have at least been given close

plus anyone with a brain would have dug themself out of there instead of there instead of crawling through a ripping arm off maze

and there was no fking wires underground there

i dont care what u say thanks

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Yeah, that one was a little weird. The victim, Paul, was targeted for trying to commit suicide assumedly for attention. This, I believe, was also the first trap that Jigsaw used to show Hoffman how he does things. Paul's choice was that if he really wanted to die, he just had to stay where he was, but if he wanted to live then he had to cut himself again (in the form of getting through the razor wire this time). John made the trap and, I agree, it would have made things a little easier had he left Paul's clothes on. Also, he unfortunately wouldn't have been able to dig himself out, simply because he was in the basement of a house and the ground was made of concrete. He had 2 hours to escape, as far as I can remember but, unfortunately for him, he immediately panicked and just bolted through it. Knowing Jigsaw, there probably was a correct path, but there also may have been an easier way for him to get out had he taken his time a little.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    just another poor movie choice

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