tom nook case two?

tom nook is a robber a bell thief a pro destroyer using like cranes and a crazy lunatic who ends up giving u everything u would need and want

he even gives the main villager immortality

read up the stuff about banks

they were not pro nazi and tom nook was only a japanese tanuki which is entirely innocent and used as a mario suit which was also fully innocent 

if anything tom nooks sons hold nook hostage at town hall he never is shown leaving and he does not support child labor

nook smarts 1/10 since he expects money or bells from homeless people that went to his deserted islands 

nook villain change from 8/10 to -50/10 since one he his forgetful and two he allowed u to choose which island plus he loves timmy and tommy 

nook business score 0/10

um dude this is why people are playing fortnite and not new horizons nobody is ever ever ever going to pay back 3 million bells total loan and for the lunatics that did, they are just strong good well behaved people and got very lucky acnh community are full of warrior angels if anything read only sane man but these people did a great job with their dream worlds 

finally tom nook legit gave u the fishing rod at the start of the game

nook friendliness score 10/10

redd friendship score 5/10 due 5000 bells for fake art

yes nook can be compared to darth vader a common robber or any 

hero or villain

acnh one last tip

and its the first tip u got use money trees 

nook saving time score -100/10

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    yup nook is a tanuki

    for his sell plan he cold have done a better job but be grateful i guess

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