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Is this bad "Trump’s tax lawyers cut ties as he leaves office and reports say federal prosecutors already have his records"?

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    Like Capone, they'll have to get him via tax evasion.


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    Interesting.   I think they will be stuck with him for any years they helped prepare his taxes.  But equally they could throw him under the bus.

    The only thing stopping Congress and the NY DA from getting Trump's tax records has been the IRS fighting it, presumably because Trump told them to.

    I do not see Biden continuing to press for the blocking of these subpoenas.   It is going to be a bad time for Trump if he did fiddle his taxes.

    I believe the NY DA has also extended the investigation into other family members and their activities . . . like what Ivanka was being paid consultancy fees when she was an employee of the business... 

    Over the last 4 years Trump has painted a big bright bullseye on his back.    And his words and actions over the last few months have made him so toxic that anyone who even wants to help him will not take the risk of being associated with him.

    #Orange is the new gold.

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    Not bad so much as a good start. The legal firm that represents him on tax matters bailed today.  You don't bail if your client is innocent. 

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    Records can prove innocence as well as guilt, and given that the IRS has audited him perpetually for years and came up with nothing, I would bet on the former.

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    It is bad if your name is Fat Donnie.

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