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Is it deadly if a splinter is left in my fingernail?

I got a splinter so deep in my thumb nail yesterday. It's half way down the nail. It's impossible to pull out. I still feel some discomfort. I read somewhere that it will cause blood poisoning if splinters stay in. I'm really scared now. I could have a panic attack any time.

I dont wanna die now, I'm still young in my mid 20s. Especially from something as dumb as this which could've been avoided. How can the doctors get it out if I couldnt do it myself? I don't want them to cut off damn near my whole nail just to pick it out. That would be way more painful. Tell me this isn't deadly please

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    You will probably be fine.  Your body is designed to handle things like that and should absorb it.

    Ask your doctor to prescribe Growacet for your anxiety.

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    You aren't going to die from it but if you sit there and wait for it to get infected and fester it's just going to be four times more painful getting it out. You might want to get yourself to the doctor if you can't afford to go to the doctor no insurance. Then get yourself a moto tool and put that tiny little round ball on it. Move back and forth across the splinter all the way down to the nail until you have a groove in your fingernail. Exposing the splinter then grasp onto it firmly with a pair of good tweezers or use a good pair of needle noses and get it out.

    When you're done you can take some clear 5-minute epoxy and put it in the groove and fill the groove in in your fingernail

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    Deadly, no. Blood poisoning would be extremely unlikely.  Lots of people have retained foreign objects with out any issues. if anything, it would be a small local infection, but blood poisoning which is just bacteria in the blood, would be very very unlikely.

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