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Is it normal to get sick back to back? ?

I remember in December 2019, I tested positive for influenza. I had it for 3 weeks over winter break. I started school and I wasn’t positive anymore but I still felt the symptoms. A week later in mid-January

, I contracted a stomach virus. I was throwing up for 3 days straight and I didn’t feel good at all. My fever came back and so did my dizziness and fatigue. This never happened to me before. 

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    Sometimes if somebody who has the flu goes back too soon, it will 'return'.  

    How did you 'test positive' - I didn't know you could be tested for influenza.

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    Sure, it can happen

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    of course it is, especially in a school setting where various infections get passed around easily. Different pathogens, viruses, can infect you at any time, back to back.

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    i bet in real life you dont use big boy sentences like "tested positive for influenza" lol i'm 10 and i dont say "i contracted a fecal dilemma" I say "I had a stinky messy poop :3".

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