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Democrats say Twitter and Facebook have a right to censor because they are private businesses. So why are Democrats now going after Parler?

They're threatening to launch an FBI probe into Parler. Is Parler not a private company? Should it not have a right to choose what is allowed and what isn't just like Twitter and Facebook? Doesn't section 230 make them not responsible for what is posted on their platform?

Why are Democrats so tyrannical and hypothetical?? Why can't they just admit that they want only leftist speech to be a protected right and that they want to emulate China and North Korea to censor free speech that they don't approve of?

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    Actually, Democrats do not say that. As another example, wasn't it Republicans who cheered on the idea that a business has every right to refuse service to anyone? Or did that only apply to baking cakes for gay couples? And, you cannot use "we're a private business" as an excuse to behave in ways that may be contrary to our laws. I can't make meth as a private business. Being a business doesn't mean you get to do what you want, you still have to abide by the laws.

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    Private company or not if they are allowing threats of physical harm and/or threats of violence that can be covered under state and federal laws.

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    They only support free speech for liberals.

    Without double standards, Democrats would have zero standards at all.

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    Simply? Anyone Other than Dems are on the Revenge List. AOC is heading it up. 

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    Why is the FBI investigating them? You are a little confused. Companies have a right to run their businesses as they choose. They do not have a right to break the law. Have a nice day.

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