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more and key issues with new horizons?

- paying off even one loan takes 2 years or more even without time travel 

- crafting items are very limited even with the nook stop

- time travel hardly helps even if u use all 60 years more than once

- neighbors more than often give you bad items

- more than slow gameplay as resident upgrades took over 8 months especially with time travel

- most items sell for 2000 bells or less when your first loan is a whopping 98,000 bells

- cheap tricks like money trees hardly work and there was maybe only like two golden spots on my island 

- turnips cost more to buy than sell overtime

- leif is not a help almost at all

- to most players redd cap'n gulliver and kk slider are not accessible 

- decorating your own house was almost a waste due to harv's free stuff if not for roof design

- others players dream worlds are almost fully useless

- no tortimer and no other boat guy

- even diving was mostly useless 

- alike before also terraforming and nice bridges which are mostly useless anyway are way overpriced and not accessible to most players

- the worst one was the arcade machine cost 64,000 bells which was like 10,000 in the older games

- time travel took hours alone to keep changing the date as well 

- fishing system is good but even that takes much too long

- bug system is alot better

- filling museum is mostly not worth it

- and even kicks stand does not have great items

- cj and flick are useless too as tommy pays more for fish

finally tom nook helps in almost no way at all

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    Did you know that nobody cares? It's true! 

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