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I underpaid for USPS shipping? ?

I sell online and to say the least I am very experienced at it, however, embarrassingly I entered the weight incorrectly for LESS THAN what it actually weighed. I have already shipped it out with USPS as I just noticed my mistake. I have received many many packages that I was aware have weighed more than what was actually paid, but I have never had to pay the difference. However, I do know this happens and I of course don’t know if my buyer is going to be charged extra or it will just be left alone. Obviously, I will reimburse her for the extra charges as it was my fault but does anyone know how often people are over charged for underpaid shipping labels? Or if there is a better way I can correct it?

(all my packages that have been underpaid for shipping weights came to my mailbox, would it be to be charged for the difference it would not be to the mailbox?)


First of all I “just realized” because I ship out about 50 packages a week and Friday I go through them to make sure everything’s done not a surprise that I would notice a mistake while looking through them. 

Also, human mistakes a real if you didn’t know?? Ever hit the wrong button on the keyboard before or are you just the perfect being???

Finally, many people are charged for underpaid shipping labels THATS WHY IM ASKING THIS QUESTION. Anon, you obviously have no idea about online selling :)

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    You already shipped it out and "just realized" that you underpaid the postage?   I wonder how that happens....

    "does anyone know how often people are over charged for underpaid shipping labels"   No one is overcharged for a shipping label.  It is your responsibility to pay the correct amount.   If you underpaid, the parcel could be returned to you or arrive at the recipient with postage due.

    Communicate with your buyer in advance to reduce the need for damage control.

    FFS.  I wonder how some people are able to put on their own pants.

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