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Is it normal to become so excited that I can't do things that I love?

Lately, I've been unable to watch, read about, etc., any of my favorite shows. It's gotten to the point where I get so excited about the characters, stories, etc in the shows that my excitement actually becomes a bit painful (tightness in my chest, etc). When this happens, I feel too uncomfortable to power through it and actually try to watch. I have to stop my efforts completely. If it helps, I'm diagnosed with PTSD, GAD, and PDD (Persistent Depressive). The shows in question are all shows from years ago, when I was in middle school and freshman year-- they span over a bunch of different genres. Even hearing songs from said shows sends me into a excitement fit, and I have to quickly turn off the music / other things from the show(s) and try to distract myself so that the discomfort goes away. I get excited over other things in life, but nothing ever comes close to the excitement I feel over these shows. 

Is this normal? I honestly feel like there is something wrong with me! I'm sure it's normal to be excited to watch/rewatch things that mean a lot to you, but I literally cannot watch ANYTHING pertaining to these shows without physical discomfort in my chest. Note: the pain isn't emotional pain, either; it's a physical discomfort. 

Sorry if this question is all over the place. I'm willing to elaborate if needed. Please be kind! Thank you!


In response to an answer I received, I wanted to make sure that my definition of "excitement" was understood. I meant excitement in the literal sense of the term, NOT regarding sexuality. Like, getting excited because you're happy, not because of any sort of sexual urge. Apologies, since I apparently did not make that clear.

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    U sound strange idk what happened to u 

    But just masterbate and 

    Get out of the tightness and play a skillful video games 

    Ok? Ur a thinker a emotional person and that’s why your catalog says psychology 


    Watch some PORN u lacking there 

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