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What might a “sewer baby”👶 look like? Possible fictional creature for a story? Would this be life form designed and adapted for the sewer?

There are stories and such written about various sewer creatures and what they might look like? They all seem disgusting 🤮 and I am basing some of my features off urban legends and such that I found?

Suppose a miscarriage defied the odds to be able to gestate in the sewer?

It’s umbilical cord + placenta could become a gill like filter feeding organ that can extract oxygen and nutrients from the sewage

It might develop a series of ruminating stomachs to digest poop 💩 and 🧻 toilet paper. 

It might have sharp fangs and such to bite sewer rats.

It might use its hair to catch fleas and raise little bugs 🐛 for it to eat

It might have flippers instead of arms

It’s feet might be webbed

Since the sewer is a very harsh environment, eusociality would likely not be an option hence, sewer babies would likely not form any sort of groupings.

They would likely eat other sewer babies

They would have an IQ of about 50-75 to be able to navigate the pipe networks

They would have a supercharged immune system because of all the bacteria 🧫 and fungi 

They would likely live to be about two years old and then die from pus filled sores.

Would this be a life form suited to the sewer?


Reproduction could be by simple spores distributed aquatically

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