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What would be the jail time for this guy?

One black guy and a woman in a car.   They were stopped by a cop on kerb.  The black guy didnt do anything wrong nor he was a criminal suspect.  And the (white) cop was just looking for a mistake from a black guy.   The cop was very tense and he requested the guy to open the trunk (like looking for drugs or guns).   But he found nothing....   The guy said "please hurry (cause its cold)".   The cop got mad and pulled his gun at this black guy and tried to stand on this black guy.

The woman got freaked out and got out of the car.  The cop got jumped and he shot the woman (and the woman was shot on her leg).   The black guy was mad and grabbed the gun from the cop and shot the cop.  The black guy and the woman then left......

Is this self defense from racism?   If the guy ever got caught, how long is the jail sentence??


Addition : the cop was bullying the guy by making the guy laying on the ground and the cop sat on top on the guy.....

Update 2:

this is in Ohio

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    1 month ago

    Where is the crime?  Did the cop live?  If the cop died, it would be death for both.

  • 1 month ago

    thats up to the judge to decide

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Sounds like someone overacted.  Know what I do when I'm stopped and asked to open the trunk no matter why I THINK the Police are asking me to do so?  I stop and open the trunk.  I have NO idea what "tried to stand on this black guy" means.  Knocked him down and stood on him?  You find no problem with "the cop got jumped ..."?  No, it's not self defense "from" racism.  It's called "the cop got jumped" and defended himself.  I notice you can't remember if the Officer "tried to stand on the guy" OR "sat on top of the guy."  Therefore, I call bullsh*t.  The jail time?  I don't know.  You left out the part about how seriously the "black guy" and a woman (no race) injured the Officer.


    I find it VERY telling that this involved a black guy and a "woman," again, no race.


    My story. I'm a white woman.  No black people were involved.  I drive a late model, expensive sports car.  I got pulled over for a "vehicle check."  My license, insurance card, registration were in my trunk inside my purse.  I told the Officer I'd have to go into my trunk.  He had no problem with that.  I triggered the trunk, stepped out of the car, opened the trunk - and he drew his weapon.  Why?  I have no idea.  What did I do?  I IMMEDIATELY put my hands up and said, "Officer, is there a problem?"  He said no, looked around my trunk, had me give him my keys and stand next to my car while he went back to the patrol car to check my info.  There were no problems, he apologized, I accepted his apology, got my keys and left.  NOTE:  I'm a white woman.  No blacks involved.  The Officer was tense.  No one tried to stand on me or sit on me.  End of story.

  • 1 month ago

    Sounds like valid defense could be made for an act against tyranny. 

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