My iPhone 11 takes random pictures without the app being open. ?

One time I brought my phone in the shower to listen to music because I couldn’t find my Bluetooth speaker. I placed it away from the water and continued washing my hair. At one point my camera randomly opened(was not open previously) and took a timer picture. Luckily it was the back camera so I wasn’t in it. I thought nothing of it and just went back to my music. Seconds later it opened the app again, after I closed it, and tried to take another picture. I was creeped out so I put my phone on my vanity where it couldn’t see me. What adds to this creepiness is that my discord account has been randomly calling people when the app is closed. I learned of this today and I am really creeped out. Should I be worried someone is watching me or is it just a glitch??


I also wanted to add that when I would be in FaceTime with my my boyfriend, occasionally the screen will very quickly turn black and back to normal again as it would when taking a selfie in the camera app. This is creepy as well😳

1 Answer

  • keerok
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Buy a new phone.

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