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Do people think that the euphemism for a slur is also a slur?

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    In general euphemisms eventually take on the connotations of the words they replace and then are replaced by new euphemisms which eventually meet the same fate: crippled-handicapped-disabled (which some would like to replace with "differently abled"). Another example is an organization now calling itself The Arc, where Arc originally stood for Association for Retarded Children, "retarded" then being a euphemism for "feeble-minded."

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    An example of an euphemism for "slur" would something to lessen the impact of a four letter word and draw it out, like "downgrade his reputation" or an idiom like, " toss a grenade at his dignity".

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    Sometimes. People can be strange about things, especially words.  If the use of the "unacceptable" word is the slur, then a euphemism is not usually seen as a slur.  If the intent of the word is a slur, then employing a euphemism does not change the actual existence of the slur.  It might make it less shocking, but it is still purposefully demeaning. 

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    In its truest sense a euphemism cannot realistically be a slur, 

    but if you are merely using a synonym then a slur is a slur.

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