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My hair texture is becoming looser and it’s shedding a lot. What’s happening to my natural hair ?

I’m 21 and been natural all my life, and only straightened my hair once in my life. When I style my hair it’s only with doing a wash n go which I used eco styler and lotta body and to stretch my hair I use the banding method just to give an idea of what type of manipulation I do on my hair. A over some years I did notice I was having what appeared to be breakage but the hair that was left behind from the breakage looked a totally different texture from my 4a hair some looked to be around 3a-3b but it wasn’t a lot of breakage at all and I didn’t see it frequently in fact I think I saw it about 3 times over the span of many years. However I noticed in the past year that my hair texture by my neck has drastically changed from 4a to 3b which has raised some alarms for me since I hadn’t changed anything in my hair routine and I never use heat. Then around April I began to notice that my hair seems to be less full and I’m excessive shedding(shedding cause my hair cuticle is still attached from what I see). Then from June I put my hair in a protective style (some twist) and hardly ever manipulate it. However, now in 2021  I’m confused because I’m still having excessive shedding but I’m also noticing a lot of small loose textured hair which I always thought it was breakage but I’m thinking that it could also possibly be that since I’ve been shedding a lot since April my hair is growing back but it’s growing back in looser (?)  idk what’s going on any help or insight or suggestions?

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