What is the equivalent of "Apple removed 3.5mm jack" of your favorite products ?

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  • 1 month ago
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    In all irony... my very 1st car was a '91 Subaru... so OLD that it was rear-wheel drive only... 

    It didn't even have a cassette deck... just an AM/FM radio so - on a gambit I invested in a CD deck with removable faceplate (which a Samoan kid would eventually steal)...

    Later when that car broke down irreparably in 2008, so I "upgraded" to a 2008 Avalon... that had only a cassette deck...

    Not knowing how long it would last, starting at 120,000 miles on it... I did not invest in a CD deck although I coveted one so much...

    So ironic.

    It broke down a few weeks ago and made me sweat trying to get it to start again but eventually it did... 

    Ironically... my mom just bought a 2020 Pilot and - it doesn't... and they don't (the cars of this era) have a CD deck - just bluetooth (which I still don't know how to use and have an iPhone that has the battery life of about a '90s Power Wheel if anyone can relate)... so I would say the abandonment of a CD player is just as weird.

    Why is it a corporate sin to give options to people who spend thousands on something?

    Oh, yeah I get it...

    They're playing pop culture against us and literally being the ones telling us when/where we are outdating ourselves - at literally our own expense(s). 

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    1 month ago

    please do not bother me we use English, not the USA.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Why, oh why, did they do this? Guess I can never get an updated Ipad.

    The equivalent?....When the manual choke was removed from cars? I guess, I dunno.

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