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What does he think of me? What are his intentions?

We met on tinder and we recognized each other as we'd met on the first day of uni 4 years ago and used to say hi to each other around campus. We met up two times, once for coffee outside and once at my place. On our first date, we talked for hours about everything and anything, he kept inviting me out to future activities. He tried to kiss me but I wasn't ready so I evaded, afterwards he kept apologizing and asking me if he made me uncomfortable. He was very gentlemanly, offering me his jacket and trying to warm my hands. When he came over he was just as sweet, we talked for hours again, he remembered every little detail of our previous conversations. He asked if he should go home before lockdown curfew or not. I told him to stay, while we were watching a movie, he asked me if he could kiss me, we made out but I was on my period so we didn't have sex. Even though he was clearly horny he said "no problem at all, we'll do it soon" and kept on cuddling me, kissing me, on the lips, on my hands, my cheeks, my nose, calling me cute, he was just very tender. And he invited me to his place for the day after. So how does he perceive me and our relationship? He had told me before that he was looking for someone to spend nice time with during quarantine, so does that mean he's not looking for a relationship but sth temporary? I know it might be too early to tell and I know that guys are very good at compartmentalizing :D but I wanted to hear your opinion, thanks ^^

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    There is more to just a hang out during this time. I think he wants more, but is afraid he may push you away right now.

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    Since he and I are male, I can guarantee you that he would like to have sex with you. I doubt that he has made a determination as to how long the relationship will last, and is looking at a horizon no longer than the end of COVID. It would be foolish to ask for an iron-clad promise of matrimony at this point. I suggest you give not more than you are comfortable with, and enjoy his company during this trying time. Maintain  your moral limits whatever they may be, and hope for a lasting relationship.

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