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Fellow liberals: Now that transwomen must be accepted in womens sports, should cis women just forget sports altogether?

and return to more feminine hobbies, such as cooking and sewing?

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    For a time now women have gained new status which has confused things. We men are put in a confused state. Women used to be on a different pedestal. As long as they stayed cooking, cleaning and having babies and intimacy at the man's want, that made a man's world good.They now want equality to a point Call life a business. if you will. A well-run business has advisors. All angles of decisions should be heard. Men are sometimes still in stone age. I would love to have a woman that supported only my needs and of house, what's happening now. is Women have proven they can be equal. But they still want men to open the door, wine and dine them. It is hard of men to know their place 

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    I didn't see the assumption that you speak of, can you post it? Martina HIngis beat tennis players twice her size.

  • 1 month ago

    Are you asking only "Fellow Liberals"

    Did you just become aware?  I could of helped you years ago if you would have asked. 

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    1 month ago

    That would make ya'll White Nationalists happy. 

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