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How quick can you miss a period after becoming pregnant ?

I hooked up with a girl and she is claiming that she is pregnant. She says she was ovulating on the 4th. We had sex on the 5th. Today is the 22nd and she is saying her period is a week late meaning her period would have been skipped from being pregnant within a week. Doesn’t it take longer for your body to change and have a missed period? Or can it all happen in a week.

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    You have sex - you become pregnant - you miss THAT NEXT PERIOD.

    Pregnant women DO NOT have periods - not even one more after the sex that caused the pregnancy.

    From the 5th to the 22nd is long enough to get a positive pregnancy test.  It can be as short as 12 to 14 days after sex to get a positive test.  (it can also take as long as 21 days after sex to get a positive test)   

    If she had a positive test at one week after you had sex - CHALLENGE PATERNITY - it is NOT your baby.  It does take AT LEAST 12 to 14 days before a test will be positive.

    BTW - A late period can happen for other reasons, so until there is actually a positive pregnancy test, her period might just be late.

    One other issue - if her ovulation was on the 4th - then her period would not be due until around the 18th which means that she would NOT be one week late for her period yet - just a few days.  A period happens ABOUT 14 days AFTER ovulation.  So it would be impossible to ovulate and then expect the period to happen one week later.

    This girl does not understand how her cycle works OR she is trying to trap you with a baby that is NOT YOURS.  

    So - again - demand a paternity test.

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    If she missed her period, she is already pregnant.

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    1 month ago

    You don't get any period if you are pregnant. The whole point of a period is because the egg was not fertilised. If she is pregnant, she may get light spotting but that's about it. 

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