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What does her bio mean?

My friends bio says this "i might have to cancel forever"

What does that mean and no, we don't talk much anymore and I can't ask her. It's weird now.

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    It's from the lyrics of a song called Cancel Forever. If you do not feel more enlightened after reading them I do not blame you.


    I just saw God

    I just saw God

    Outside the liquor store

    He told me I was lost, lost


    I'm so far gone

    I was all wrong

    Somehow I hurt everything and everyone that I touch

    (Everyone that I touch, everyone that I touch)


    I might have to cancel forever

    I might have to cancel forever

    I might have to cancel forever

  • 1 month ago

    People are adding their pronouns to their social media bios to let you or others know which pronouns to use when speaking about them. This is a way to help people avoid accidentally misgendering someone.

    The act of putting pronouns in your bio is mostly a phenomenon within the transand queer community. Because of this it can also be used to signal that you are either member of the community or that you are supportive of trans (and genderqueer) people.

    So to sum up, trans, non-binary or otherwise non-cis people usually use the pronouns in their bio to let others know which pronouns to use for them while cis allies do the same to show support or to normalise putting pronouns in the bio. Because the more people do it, the more it makes sense for people seeing it.

    For example, my preferred pronouns are they/them. I’ve put that in my bios on social media so that anyone who wants to mention my posts or refer to me knows which pronouns I prefer. This helps my friends and followers to gender me correctly but it also signals to people that I care about pronouns and will do my best to respect other people’s pronouns.

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