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Ha ha theists are so funny! Why do they say a woman can get pregnant without sex when none has ever seen it happen ?

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    IVF. Bad example.

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    Ever heard of IVF?

    If man can create a baby without sex, you don't think GOD who "created the world by His POWER" (Jeremiah 51:15) can't?

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    If it happened, in say, 1 birth in a thousand,

    how would you know?

    If the woman wasn't married,

    nobody would believe her,

    that she hadn't had sex.

    And if the woman was married,

    everyone would assume

    that it was a normal conception,

    or her birth control method had failed.

    But if we really wanted to know,

    a DNA test could show

    that all the baby's DNA

    came from its mother.

    And, of course,

    the baby would be a girl.

    Perhaps Jesus was transgender.



    John Popelish

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    While we have never seen it happen due to supernatural means, a female can become pregnant without a male.  It is extremely rare in humans but it has occurred.

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    cause mary did that in the bible

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