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Is it rude to say ugh when cutting someone's hair?

I'm asking because I got into a talk with a teacher about this when I was younger, and as I got older I started to not trust her judgment because of the irresponsible alumni she was encouraging me to be friends with. So if you have thick coarse hair (I'm not Black but it is Ethnic hair) and you go and get your hair cut, is it rude for the hairdresser to say ugh and ew while cutting your hair or maybe do what my heart told me and feel bad that she has a job she really resents. I don't wash my hair everyday but give it a good shampoo before a cut. What are you're t h o u g h t s?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yes it's rude. They don't like their job and thus earn less in tips.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    yes that is 100% wrong for a hairdresser to express disgust about someones hair 

  • 1 month ago

    Yeah because it's like they're complaining without saying the words. Maybe tell the manager that you felt it was rude. Some people really just get jobs like that for the money they're not considerate of the person whose hair they're cutting. One time when my hair was down and curly and it was brushed out (which is a big no no for curly girls) it just looked really poofy because it was dry and she brushed it out. Her racist mom hung out at her salon and im mixed girl and the lady didn't like mixed or black people. The hair dresser goes "hey mom look at this hair"

     I was caught off guard by that and felt offended and uncomfortable it was definitely rude. Although I never got any racist vibes from the hair dresser herself i think she was just surprised to see my hair that frizzy because back then it was usually straightened. But i never went back to her after that bc i didnt appreciate that comment talk about putting your foot in your mouth. On top of that her mom was known for being racist against black people. My mom ended up no longer being her friend because she couldn't deal with all of the nasty remarks she would make. So sorry for rambling lol but those are my thoughts on your situation and my experience with a hair dresser being kind of rude to me. 

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