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I have light skin(not pale but neither olive or dark)and blue eyes....dark brown hair would look good on me?

My natural hair color is light brown to medium brown

I want to dye it dark brown but i am not sure if dark brown hair suits me because  i am not pale

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  • 1 month ago

    I'm a blond that dyed my hair dark brown, and I found out that if you "go darker" in hair color, your facial features may fade away into the color.  It sounds stupid, but just be ready to have to wear more makeup with the darker hair.  If you are not into that, maybe you should reconsider.

  • 1 month ago

    Try a temporary color that washes out after several shampoos. There are dyes that last as little as six to eight washes and some that gradually wash out over a couple of months. Look for one of these and if you hate the brown or get tired of it it will go away after a while. You won't be stuck with a dark brown mistake that won't go away. 

    If this will be a DIY hair coloring then take your time at the drug store and read the instructions and shade selection charts on the box. Don't just grab the first box with a picture of the color you think you want. That's how mistakes are made. Most box dyes are permanent and you have to look for the semi permanent and temporary colors. 

    Of the drug store brands Clairol's Natural Instincts is the best. It doesn't damage hair. It coats the hair with color and adds shine. It's what my hair guy uses in his salon to recolor bleach damaged hair and what he uses when anyone wants to experiment with dark colored hair and he thinks they might hate the color. 

    Here are a few Articles about temporary and semi permanent hair color. You can go dark brown now and not be stuck with it forever.

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