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[LAG] Detroit: Become Human?

I've always had issues with DBH, but today's really kicking me down. (For reference, I play on PC.) My game loads immediately and the audio is perfectly fine, but the framerate is practically non-existent. I have to minimize and maximize the game over and over again just to see the last rendered frame.

Once again, everything is functional, but the graphics will not play in real-time. Open the game, the main menu lady speaks upon a black screen. Close and re-open, she continues speaking but the game itself is frozen on her face (options are all clickable). Help??

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    As you didn’t state your PC specs nor what methods you’ve tried it’s hard to offer relevant help

    The obvious things to check are as follows:-

    1. The PC helpline favourite suggestion, because it so often works: have you tried a hard reset of your PC  by turning the power off and on again.

    2. Does your graphics card meet the recommended specifications for that game?

    3. Is the game software fully up to date?

    4. Are the drivers for the graphics card up to date? If they are try deleting the drivers and then reinstalling them after hard rebooting your PC in case the drivers have corrupted.

    5. Is the graphics card fully seated on the motherboard? Checking that properly often requires removing and refitting it to the slot. Same for all plugs to and from the card.

    6. Is the graphics card overheating? If it has active cooling check that the fan is operating. If the fan is operating then ensure that the card, fan, and heatsinks are all free of dust and that the cooling air intake and exhaust on your PC casing are clean and unobstructed.

    This is by no means an exhaustive list. But those basic possible causes all need to be checked and eliminated as the simplest potential causes.

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