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Why do I cling on guys and then they go breaking my heart. What kind of bad luck do I have? :(?

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    Maybe you project an image of desperation and that creeps guys out.  If you get all clingy, it might be because of low self-esteem.

    I gave up on women about the time I turned 30.  I'd been dating for 15 years or so, and I'd had about the average run of luck, I guess.  But I'd never met a girl I really wanted to spend my life with, so I decided that perhaps some people were just meant to be single, and I stopped chasing them.

    Three years later, in a night class at the local community college, I met THE girl.  She came after me.  She asked me out first.  She kissed me first.  She asked me to spend the night first.  We moved in together, bought a house together, owned a business together, and finally we even got married.  And I had the thought that all the time I was chasing girls I was just trying too hard!

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    choosing the wrong kind of guys

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    Sounds like you might be a little needy

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    Nobody likes Klingons. Not even Captain Kirk, and we all know how easy he is.

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    I have no idea.

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