How do I use the nespresso machine? ?

I’m new to all this..: can someone explain to me the difference between all the different keurig machines and the nespresso machines? 

I don’t know which to buy and they dance from $90 to $250 

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    Keurig machines produce basic coffee or hot water.  To make coffee, you use a k-cup pod. In most machines, you select the amount of water/size of drink you want.  There are many brands of k-cups and you can even use a refillable type to put in your own coffee.  K-cups can be found at most grocery stores.

    Nespresso machines also use pods, but they are not k-cups.  Nespresso make expresso drinks.  The pods are Nespesso-branded and generally cost twice as much as a k-cup.  Some Nespresso machines only take one size of pod -- either for a tiny, traditional espresso (4 ounces) or for larger drinks.  Some newer versions automatically adjust based on the size of the pod.  Nespresso is the only company I'm aware of that makes pods for their machines.  They can be found at Nespresso stores, Amazon, and at some speciality retailers. 

    So, it comes down to your preferences and about three things:

    1. Do you primarily want a basic coffee with an option to make hot water for tea, or do you want to drink espresso with crema on it?

    2. Based on your coffee consumption, can you afford the cost of the Nespresso pods?  

    3. Do you want to order your pods or be able to pick them up when you grocery shop?

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    Basically all you need to do is make sure the reservoir is filled, insert a capsule and push a button to make coffee. The capsules for the two brands are different. Keurig capsules are more widely available where I live.

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    Read the directions. 

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