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How much financial debt is Trump in, for what exactly, and to whom? ?

Just curious......

Some people he owes $400 million, while other others say that he owes $900 million! Can someone please explain it to me? 

Thank you. 

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    Nobody knows, except possibly him and his accountants, and maybe not even them.  He has kept the information private.

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    NO ONE KNOWS!! except Trump and whoever he has told.

    Even if we saw his tax returns which we haven't... tax returns DO NOT TELL total debt

    Just like your debt is not public knowledge, neither is Donnie's. 

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    Trump spent all of his years on tv promoting the false claims that he was a super successful business man...most of that was exaggerated a great deal...he probably owes a lot of people a lot of money...but he is now an ex pres making it possible to show up for 5 mintues and make 50,000

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  • 1 month ago

    The total seems to be in the $900 million range with $400+ million personally guaranteed by Trump himself.

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