How do I replace my ram?

I have 4gb ram and I want to upgrade it to 8. I could get a new pc, but I just bought this pc and I could get an external graphics card with the booster and other equipment but I heard you can replace it for quite cheap. Is that right and legitimate? 8gb is better for running windows and games according to my friends and I struggle/couldn't play my new favourite games so should I make this move and purchase one?

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    Assuming that you have a desktop, not a laptop

    yes, increasing RAM to the degree you describe is usually fairly inexpensive.

    (Usually < $50 to add 4 GB of very high-quality RAM to your existing system)

    Although laptop RAM can be more expensive (depends on the system)

    it's still very much less expensive than replacing the entire system.

    Yes, increasing RAM from 4GB to 8GB should certainly significantly improve the performance of Windows

    and specifically the performance of high-performance games on the market.

    I would recommend upgrading to 16 GB if the price is not beyond your means.

    (Note: MORE than 16 GB is, according to current experts, of no value for current games.)

    16 GB of very high-quality RAM typically costs < $100.

    You will need to know your system specs


    - what type of RAM it accepts (probably 288-pin DDR4, but check anyway)

    - what speed of RAM it accepts (it should accept a range of different speeds, and I warn that the top-speed RAM is typically very expensive)

    - how many RAM sockets your system has

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    On laptops you have to pull the bendable locks outwards and your ram pops outward up at an angle. 

    You have to put your ram in at an angle and push the entire ram stick angled downwards and the two locks clamp into position. On your desktop you have to pull the bendable locks outwards and your ram pops up out of the slot.You have to push the new ram stick into the slot up until it clicks and the two side locks close in.

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    Gathering Supplies

    Shut Down Your Desktop Computer

     Unplug the Power Cable

    Hold the Power Button for Five Seconds

     Open the Case

     Ground Yourself!

     Remove Existing Memory Modules.

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    To start with, discover the greatest your PC can take. Purchase the RAM, the best spot is web based, being cautious on the grounds that different PCs may have comparable names. At that point in the event that you take the cover off you ought to effortlessly see where the current RAM is opened in and trade them. Individuals can do it with no adapting truly.

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    I normally have ram on tuesdays. but this week I replaced it with lasagna and it was pretty good.

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    1) Take out a stick of RAM. 2) Examine said item and determine what type and clock speed the RAM has. 3) Buy compatible RAM that is faster. 

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    First, find out the maximum your computer can take. Buy the RAM, the best place is online, being very careful because other computers may have similar names. Then if you take the cover off you should easily see where the current RAM is slotted in and swap them. People can do it without any having to learn really.

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    take it to a computer store and have them help you with it

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