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Why is it called a sea bass if there's no land bass?

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    1 month ago

    There are fresh water bass. 

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    Common names are thoroughly screwed up. Just because something is called a bass does not mean that it is one. The "sea bass" are, though. The largemouth and smallmouth bass are not; they are sunfish. You get the same sort of mis-naming when it comes to trout. Sea trout are not trout but weakfish, brook and lake trout are not trout but chars. Brown and rainbow trout ARE real trout, as are the Atlantic salmon.

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    1 month ago

    Sea bass versus inland lake bass.

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    1 month ago

    Because there's lake bass and there's river bass, which are not part of the sea. That said, sea bass aren't "bass" at all. Sea bass are toothfish, usually Patagonian toothfish caught of the shores of Chile. Toothfish are quite delicious but had a hard time selling in fish markets and at restaurants because nobody thought "toothfish" sounded at all appetizing, so the seafood industry, with the help of chefs and restaurants, rebranded the toothfish as "sea bass." To be clear, the toothfish is still the toothfish, but when it's served as food, it's called "sea bass," kind of like how pig is called "pork" when served as food and cow is called "beef" when served as food.

    By the way, while there is no "land bass," do remember there is a "Lance Bass," and I like him way better than I would some stupid land fish anyway.

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    It's because there are both sea (saltwater) bass

    and lake/river (freshwater) bass.

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