hey guys, so I am graduating from my undergrad program fall 2022 and want to start medical school in 2023. When do I need to take the MCAT and send my applications by? I am so confused by this process. Thank you

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    Medical school starts in the fall.  If you want to start medical school in Fall 2023, then you will need to apply during the 2022 year.  You should take the MCAT no later than the spring of 2022, will need to submit applications in the spring/summer of 2022, and will have interviews and such in the fall and early winter of 2022/2023 (varies by school).  You basically apply a full year before you hope to start.

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    Talk to the pre-med advisor at your university.  As far as I know, Medical Schools in the U.S. ONLY admit students in the fall -- the don't start students in January. That means you need to take the MCAT by the fall of 2022 so that you can meet the application deadlines that fall.  

    Just like undergrad applications, each program has their own deadline, but most of them are in November/December.  

    You may take the MCAT at any time prior to applying.  Many students choose to do this over the summer between junior and senior year. Some wait until they have graduated and take a gap year.  Again, your academic advisor should be able to help you figure it out.

    Testing dates for 2022 have not been set yet, but you can see the pattern in the 2021 dates -- Lots of spring and summer dates (May-September and then not again until January).   

    You will need to have your score before you apply to any program.

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    i would ask your school these questions

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    afaik, med school only starts in the fall.  you'll want to contact people at one of the schools you'd like to attend to verify this and get their schedule of when everything needs to be on hand for them to make an admission decision.

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