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What do you think about France and the French, I am a Pole, from the perspective of Poland, the French are a nation of cowards and losers ;)?

What do you think about France and the French, I am a Pole, from the perspective of Poland, the French are a nation of cowards and losers who have not been able to defend their own country against German (Nazi) aggression I am 35 years old and Asperger's syndrome, every year my mother sent me to a special camp for kids with ADHD or Autism organized by the Polish National Health Fund, we were then 13-16 years old

One kid there at his school had in his school the language and culture of French-speaking countries, other kids made fun of him why he was learning the language of these French snobs and not English, German or even ******* Russian like normal Polish kids, he said he learned English and German by himself, and the French or Spanish language is already a challenge, and that our favourite Star Trek Captain Jean Luc Picard at the turn of the 1990s and that France in 1940, like Poland in 1939, had a very difficult time. France as a state throughout its existence, apart from the Battle of Agincourt and 1940, had only military successes and the best commanders such as Napoleon Bonaparte, but other kids joked that France is no longer normal country since 1999 when they recognized same-sex unions as valid as marriage (and we had in those summer camps in 1998 to 2004, than I should be aware of him because hi might try to teach me (miłość francuska in Polish)  French love as in we said in Poland for giving a head for oral sex :-) because he is most likely gay :-)


It turned out to be true over time, also for me ;-)

But that boy was very brave so he wasn't that gay, and being beaten by a gay guy doesn't look good in the backyard with your buddies :-)

That boy said that the French did not have much opportunity to defend themselves, because von Brauchitsch and von Rundstedt had ****** France without soap, as they say in Poland, just like our Poland six months earlier.

He taught us a French song :-)

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Update 3:

I don't think the French are cowards, on the contrary :-)

France just had bad times than so does the rest of Europe I also like History very much

Update 4:

And Napoleon one of best commanders int the world was French, was Emperor of France.

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Update 5:


The claim about the alleged cowardice of the French is the dominant conviction in Poland, although not mine personally, I do not support it myself :-) I believe that France fought very bravely in the context of the human losses France suffered during the previous World War I.

Anyway, every Entanta soldier who died then, regardless of nationality, deserves a lot of respect

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    I am a native born American.

    My 3rd grade class (at age 8) was taught French 60 years ago.

    It helped me to better understand my native English.

    I have been to France several times.

    French people liked me and treated me very well.

    The citizens and the governmental policies should not be comingled.

    Germans marched into Poland before they marched into France. 

    I'm not sure what your point is.

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    Please tell me about how Poland resisted invasion by the Nazis. Please tell me how half of Poland was not absorbed into Germany and ruled as a sub-kingdom of the Third Reich.

    Please tell me how Poland forbade and blocked the creation of Nazi death camps such as Auschwitz, Sobibor, Belzec and Treblinka.

    Yes, I know all about the Warsaw Ghetto. I know that many Poles risked their lives to fight Nazism.

    But I can't let you get away with claiming the French were unable to protect their country against Nazi aggression, when Poles couldn't protect Poland either.

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    1 month ago

    By making that hate post in "Languages" you prove YOU're the "loser."


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    The British had to sink the French fleet in WW2 because de-Gaulle had suggested that he would hand the fleet over to the Germans. When 300,000 British, French, Belgian and Canadian troops were stranded on the beach at Dunkirk, the British had to send a fleet of 'little ships' across the Channel, to rescue them, while French boats stayed safely at their moorings. The French revered leader de-Gaulle, spent the best part of the war hiding in England, yet he had the temerity to head the victory parade along the Champs Elysees. Make of that what you will.

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  • 1 month ago

    I think the French have by location are the central capital of the world and are best at accepting criticism. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I like their movies.

  • 1 month ago

    The French have 100 times more class than any Pole. All Poles go to "special" camps.

    Tell us about the great Polish culture and the time Poland ruled Europe.


    LOL. You start off by saying that the French are a bunch of cowards and losers but can't take your own medicine? I just held up a mirror, not my fault you saw a hater.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Realize that France declared war on Germany BECAUSE they had a deal that they would do so if Germany invaded Poland. That is pretty much stretching one's neck for your behalf, me think.

    And while some in the French government were weary of actually fighting, making troops hold back while they could have forced Hitler to stand down, the military (among others) quickly formed a resistance that is quite legendary.Perhaps you should spend a bit less time hating and bit more learning about past history.

    I do not care if you claim that your 'asperger' is to be blamed for that, but you do come out sounding like an intolerant idiot.

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