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Are Snookie and Sookie too close for conjoined twins? Suggest fantasy names for them ?

The names are for my conjoined twin characters who work in the demon-infested town my characters encounter. 

They only have one another to count on due to the town not wanting anything to do with them as they believe that the girls cause nothing but bad luck and the fact that they are tramps, for lack of a better word. 

Left: Blonde hair, olive-green eyes. She is the sassier of the two and has no problem speaking her mind when the town bully them; she is quick-witted, Quick-tempered, and 


Right: Red hair, olive-green eyes. She is the quieter of the two; she is Hopeful, Soft-hearted, and Humble even though the entire town despises them and constantly bullies them 

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    No, they aren't too close. They work great as twin names but be warned of the books and authors police that love to bully people who ask questions like this. 

    Other names: 

    Jiv and Tue 

    Zua and Dia 

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    Snookie? Like the reality show "star?"

    How about Jessica & Bugs Rabbit? They look like the cartoon character.

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    Snookie and Cookie or Cookie and Rookie 

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    Names that similar guarantee readers will not be able to keep straight which is which, unless you do a positively stellar job of making them well-rounded and quite different from other another despite being conjoined.

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