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Should I finally move out?

I'm finishing up my last year of college and have a full-time job working corporate. I make about 43K a year and get an additional 3K for each of my last 2 semesters from FAFSA. I also plan on doing side gigs like Uber Eats for a little extra fun cash.

I plan to rent a room for about $1160 with ALL utilities included (Wi-Fi, Cable, etc.) and it's furnished with all the necessities.

They ask that I make 2X the rent and have proof of savings plus 6 months of pay stubs, which I all have. My savings is around 11K for emergencies/major car repairs.

Currently, I live with my parents but I do pay for my share in everything plus I also cover ALL my personal bills/expenses. My car is still decently good being a 9th gen Civic with 95K miles. The only large debt I have is my student loan which I'm paying off early at roughly $220/month. The reason why I want to move out is to finally have my own private quiet place and be able to work from home and finish school peacefully. Not to mention I'd be moving closer to work which will cut my driving time in half during rush traffic.

I work during the day and go to school at night on weekdays.


The room is in an apartment with other young professionals, and I have access to the kitchen plus cleaning service is included weekly.

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