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has anyone ever angered you so much you were amazed and stunned into silence?

simply at a loss for words....this has happened to me many times in my life through my dealings with other people, it started with me growing frustrated with them, to then full blown enraged by them.

once angered, i have a very vicious temper...and there have been times where someone angered me so much, i was stunned into silence and lost for words.

i'm male in my 40s, whats the answer for times like that when you have gotten so angry and completely lost it?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Stunned into silence is fantastic with that type of temper its better than losing it and resort to violence.

  • 2 months ago

    Think of it like somebody who wears a Tai-Kwondo jacket and black belt in public. If you want to be effective, don't broadcast your abilities because someone will eventually challenge them.

    Same applies as well when it involves your tongue and anger. A lot of people think they "win" when they get you to blow your stack. If you can control your anger you are the one in control of the situation and need never find yourself at a loss for words, either.

    How to do that can be tricky. First, see the ludicrous humor of someone thinking that getting in your goat is "winning." That's just stupid. Second, be no one's victim. That can render you helpless in many ways.

    Third, realize that anger makes us make mistakes that are harmful only to ourselves.

    Finally, don't confuse the ability to shatter a concrete block with your forehead with a viable self-defense technique. Or lip off to an Airborne Ranger about it.

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