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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceSpecial Education · 2 months ago

Double standards?

Okay so it most people would agree it is wrong to call a black person "ni**er".  Most people would agree it is wrong to call an intellectually disabled or special needs person "retarded".

Is calling a female dog a "*****" equivalent to calling a black person "ni**er" or calling an intellectually disabled person "retarded".

Someone-calls a female dog a "*****"

That same someone-thinks it is wrong to call a black person "ni**er" or call an intellectually disabled person "retarded".

Is this double standards?  

4 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The term "*****" is not inappropriate when it is used to refer to a female canine. If said female canine is used for breeding, the appropriate term in that case is a brood *****. That is no different than calling a female horse which is used for breeding a broodmare, or a female pig a brood sow. These words aren't derogatory, and shouldn't be considered to be profane.

    When the word ***** is misused, however, then it becomes an insult.

    The phrase "mental retardation" was removed from medical nomenclature in 2010, after the passage of a federal law which makes it a crime to use such wording. That law, which is called "Rose's Law" after the woman whose family originally brought what would become the basis for the law into Congress, was signed by then president Obama on October 5, 2010. It makes it a crime for any state or federal agency to use the phrase "mental retardation" in any publication or in any type of social media. In the case of medical coding manuals, the phrase was removed right around the same time, and replaced with the term "intellectual disability". Autism has always been called that, and it remains the same, although what was Asperger's Syndrome has now been folded into the larger Autism Spectrum disorders category.

    Referring to someone with an intellectual disability as "retarded" just shows the ignorance of the one who has uttered the words. There's no double standard there. Wrong is wrong, period.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Are you unable to tell the difference between a human and an animal? The correct (and non-insulting) word for a female dog has become an insult hurled at women. I'm not sure why anyone would find the need to use derogatory words to insult people- most of us were taught better manners. 

  • 2 months ago

    There is no double standard here. 

    Here is the definition of the word btch:According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term b---h comes from the Old English word bicce or bicge, meaning "female dog", which dates to around 1000 CE. It may have derived from the earlier Old Norse word bikkja, also meaning "female dog". 

    The word never was intended to be used for a label for a person, so when someone calls their dog this, they are calling it the correct label. There is no double standard.

    The other two labels are both terms used in a derogatory manner towards a person, and therefor are not used with the same intent.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No, of course not.

    For a female dog or canine type animal, it is the correct usage. Any other use of the word is wrong or an insult.

    For equivalents that won't get the words censored, chickens or rats are females of a specific animal species, or a species itself - and using their names to describe them is correct and appropriate. Calling a person a chicken or a rat is an insult.

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