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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 2 months ago

Why hasn't god shown up in over 2000 years?

He seemed to interact with the world quite a lot in biblical times. Now he's nowhere to be seen or heard. 

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  • 1 month ago

    I think God only appears to those who have passed away and entered Heaven. There was a quote somewhere that no living human will ever see God with their own eyes. God appeared to humans in the Bible in the form of objects (e.g. burning bush, thunder). It's His rule.

  • 1 month ago

    i love these easy questions.

    I think God ( whoever your god is ) realized a long long time ago that he/she.......can't be everywhere.

    They enlist folks to drive slower so you don't come in contact w/ the drunk driver making their way home after another night of having fun. 

    They put that attractive lady shopper in the walmart ( so you take longer shopping), so you don't see the ex kissing her new beau at the gas station near walmart.

    That relative that can't seem to get " a good job and stay out of trouble" miraculously gets hired to work 5 - 10's in his field in a different city ( away from questionable friends), making a very sustainable living.

    That horrible lady neighbor finally moves out and sells the house to a family who uses the house 2 months/year and use the same lawn service you have to maintain the property. You learn later that the lady neighbor had a boyfriend who got a new job/promotion at his job( in a different city) and she moved in with him.

    The 87 year old lady who worked with your grandma back in the day won a $40M powerball last year. She sets up a college scholarship so you and your kids go to college for free. Stipulations? No drugs, stay out of jail, no new cars, and must join a gym.


    Just because we don't wake up and see superfund sites clean or 35 families in a housing project split a $70M powerball, does not mean our god is not working.....they are simply making many small changes that are not yet realized.


  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    He has enough faith in us to figure things out for ourselves. 

    Its not rocket 'science' ha ha ha


    rather, its common sense.

    God simply wants us all to enjoy our short life spans in this mortal realm, before our souls vacate our vessels (our physical bodies) and depart to the next one.

    while we are here, he imploooores us to learn and learn and discover as much as we possibly can about the majesty of his divine creation - the cosmos ! ^_^

  • John S
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Good question.. and I think a lot of people assume that this is evidence that he doesn't exist. In other words - they stop short of really thinking WHY. They just go from observation to negation.

    For example: Why if we have hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap do we still get sick? -- guess hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap doesn't exist. - anti-bacterial products are therefore just someone's "wishful thinking" or a way of coping with germs.

    So here are my thoughts on the topic of WHY we don't seem to see God 'interact' as much...

    1) We assume that miracles or divine intervention is HOW God would 'prove' himself to US. - We misunderstand the purpose or reason for divine intervention. We incorrectly make it about God proving himself to US - as-if WE are the thing that exists and most important and God is the thing who's existence is in question and must be proven. We also incorrectly assume that miracle or intervention would be the only (or at the very least, 'best') way for God to prove his existence to us.

    2) The Israelites experienced, perhaps, the most profound interactions with God in history (if you believe the bible) - and yet they STILL fell into disbelief, questioned God, had trust issues, complained, disobeyed, emulated other Nations and belief systems, etc. -- So maybe miracles and God directly intervening in our lives, doesn't really lead to a better or closer relationship with him. (aka belief or trust)

    3) One can argue that Miracles or divine intervention is used sparingly -- always has. If you believe in Evolution - then throughout MOST of the Universe's History - God has let the Laws of Nature prevail MOST of the time. He only intervenes rather sparingly or infrequently. So intervention is the EXCEPTION rather than the rule. 

    When he does - it seems to be to MOVE the story along OR correct it so that some major 'end' can be achieved.  MOST miracles or intervention seemed aimed at getting the Israelites back on course so that eventually the Messiah could come into the world. After that - God's seems to return to a more hands-off approach.

    So maybe miracles and interventions are for SPECIFIC purposes, and NOT generally so that everyone comes to belief or faith.

    So let's pause there for a moment and reorient our thinking - maybe miracles are not for 'general consumption' (not for everyone) but to correct the 'timeline' -- so to speak.

    4)The Bible is not a record of God's actions in the world, but of mankind's struggle to trust in God and "keep the faith" In the Bible there is a evolution or maturing of the human races understanding and relationship with God. Kinda like a Child to Adult. When humankind's relationship with God was more immature and 'child-like' God did more FOR US, because we could not do for ourselves. After Christ our relationship with God matured and so he now expects us to do more for OURSELVES (rather than Daddy doing it for us). God therefore mostly works THRU us, not for us. He heals through the Surgeons hands,  He cares for the sick and poor through our charities, he prevents Wars thru the work of Diplomats and anti-war efforts/protestors. God works through many 'social justice' movements.

    5) The Bible says that God set up his Kingdom on Earth - but Christ taught that God's kingdom isn't physical, but more of a set of attitudes, a way of living, a way of thinking, etc. The miracle every day is that human beings around the world now realize that there are things such as 'human rights' and 'justice' and 'charity' and 'environmentalism' and that we should end oppression, increase justice and equality, and 'love thy neighbor as thy self' rather than 'might makes right' and 'do onto others BEFORE they have a chance to do it to you' - which is largely how MOST of the World operated prior to Judeo-Christian teachings spread.

    6) There are still a lot of miracles happening in the world, today. What's strange is that while non-theists often decry a lack of miraculous evidence for God, they are ALSO the same group that will do their best to deny that ANY miracles have EVER occurred and to do their best to find ANY way to explain them away or dismiss them. So on one hand you have non-theists asking FOR miracles in order to prove God - but when presented - almost always dismiss the very evidence that they claim they so badly want.

    For example: (I'm paraphrasing, so don't nit-pick the details) 1 of the Miracles involving Mary, the Mother of Jesus, involved a crowd of over 1,000 people (as I recall, could have been slightly more or less). 1,000 witnesses of various backgrounds, faiths, motivations, ideologies, attitudes, knowledge, etc. That SHOULD be pretty solid evidence - and yet non-theists will say that EVERYONE there, ( there had to at least be a few Atheists in the crowd) who ALL saw something similar, were ALL experiencing a 'group hallucination'. HOW or what caused the 'group hallucination' the non-believer never has to explain. They just summarily dismiss everyone's eye witness testimony as a hallucination - no explanation or mechanism.


    So in the end, my belief is that our ideas about miracles are often a little skewed towards our own selfish ideas. We fail to see the countless miracles around us, we don't understand WHY God does them. While we often claim that 'times have changed' as an excuse to why we have changed our morality or become more permissive as a society - we somehow want God to act exactly the same despite the fact that apparently 'times have changed' 

    So while WE can adapt our behaviors - we want a stagnant God who does not. hmmm..interesting. 

    If times really HAVE changed as we so often point out - then why can't God take that into account and meet us where WE are - not where we used to be? 

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  • 2 months ago

    Also the farther back in time you go the more spectacular the miracles.   I understand that it is hard to top the creation of the universe but it seems they get progressively less impressive.  So much so that in modern times spontaneous remission of a disease is counted as a miracle.

  • 2 months ago

    Nonexistent would be my guess

  • 2 months ago

    huh...  He was just at church with me, with the whole congregation just two days ago. God shows up regularly every week! And He was at my morning prayers this morning, and my night prayers last night. Are you SURE you haven't had any interaction with Him lately? It just occurred to me that God said He would never leave us. That makes me think that He's still around, but you might have left Him!

  • ?
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    God indwells the believers. Eternal Life is a present-tense possession. It can only be received while a person lives on earth in his temporal life. You cannot get Eternal Life once you die as an unbeliever. <Eternal life is knowing God>

    Now, according to end-time prophesies, the whole of human history will last one week—that is, seven days (7,000 years). The millennial kingdom of 1,000 years is the seventh day of rest. Since the seventh day is still to come and will be inaugurated by the Lord’s return, and since we have already been on Earth for 6 days, then the Lord must return soon. Wouldn’t you agree? And the Rapture must precede His return.

    Another sobering fact is that even those who do not believe, also sense the urgency of the hour and are angry that their unbelief and present lifestyles are being challenged. Of course, they are frantic because they sense that time is running out, just as Satan must be frantic because he knows so little time remains.


    antonius, no one with a worm's eye view can see the Big Picture. It is believed that the brain is the most complex and orderly arrangement of matter in the universe and for that ‘matter’ to function properly, we need to engage the soul, the essence of who we are. >>The more one considers his own bodily formation, and get acquainted with the anatomy of the human frame, and the more he understands about his spiritual organization, the more he will understand that Truth speaks to the soul. Thoughts are formed in the soul--you weren’t thinking through your fingers when you typed that, were you? I sometimes wonder…

  • 2 months ago

    The fact that you draw your very next breath is a work of God’s common grace.  And when you don’t thank Him for that breath, you are robbing Him.

  • 2 months ago

    In biblical times God rarely interacted with the world. The first time was wiping out wickedness via the Flood. Because people paid no attention to His warnings via Noah, they perished. The next time was at the building of the city of Babylon where He confused their language so they were forced to stop building and to scatter. Then there was the judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah, then the plagues on Egypt.  That covers 2,700 years or so. Four events. Not many, but catastrophic for those on the wrong side of His judgments.

    The next phase was His dealings with the nation of Israel over some 800 years. He did not deal with 'the world' apart from bringing down the world empire of Babylon which He had allowed to take Israel captive due to their disobedience. More judgment. There was then a 400 year gap when God appeared to do nothing, either with His people or the world - unless you knew how Daniel's prophecies were working out. The world was oblivious.

    Then came the Son of God becoming the Son of Man just over 2,000 years ago. He did not come to judge the world, but to save it, and that He did via the cross and resurrection. The next time He appears it will be to start the awful Day of Judgment, when all the dead will be resurrected and judged. It will be too late for the world to avert that catastrophic judgment. Now is the Day of Salvation, the chance for sincere people to seek God while He may be found via His Son. The good news of Christ is still being proclaimed, but those who don't listen (looking instead for miraculous signs) will never see God. They WILL see the glorified Son of God appearing with hosts of angels to render the final judgment. But it will be too late for them then.

    You really don't want God to show up, unless you belong to Him by faith and the new birth, that is.

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