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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceTeaching · 2 months ago

Have you ever had a bigoted or abusive teacher in school?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    I had a few teachers that were pretty rough around the edges when I was younger, but standards were different back then. In those days, the concept of discipline was pretty different from what it is today, so teachers attempting to be too heavy handed are usually put in check pretty quickly in these modern times. A few years ago there was an adjunct professor at my university that had a reputation as being very strict - strict to the point of cruelty rather than simply being a disciplinarian. She would penalize students for lateness by embarrassing them in front of the class, she would forbid students from using the toilet or drinking water during scheduled class times, and she would conduct herself in a very unkind manner exuding annoyance and frustration. She was condescending and lacked patience and compassion. The students rebelled and refused to take her class. 

    It got to the point where repeated warnings didn't help. She refused to modify her behavior or change her attitude, so she was let go. She hired a lawyer and fought her dismissal. She claimed that she had not received official notices that her performance was unsatisfactory and that it was therefore impossible to terminate her contract on such short notice. All it did was buy her some time. Her workload was lessened because the university couldn't find enough students willing to take her class to fill out her contracted hours, and the university made sure to draw up official disciplinary notices that would hold up in court if she attempted to take them to court again. In lieu of being terminated mid-contract, she was permitted to complete her contract and then she was simply not renewed. Sadly, while there are some teachers who deserve to be disciplined for their conduct, these days the students have far too much power and can exert influence on scholastic institutions to try and get teachers they don't like fired.   

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