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do you think there are people lying about their masks exemptions?

I will treat this with care as I hadn't previously. I proved in a fair point before that if you were to become a surgeon, in an operating room, I guarantee you wouldn't think of not wearing a mask in those conditions.

Why are you treating a global pandemic any differently? I work in a shop so I find it extremely selfish seeing people expose themselves of their own lies when they get approached about not wearing a mask. Whether that be by officer enforcers or managers. We are not allowed to enforce it as staff anymore. Here in the UK at least.

Regardless if it protects you or not. It protects others and stops the spread. How would you feel if your family member contracted Covid? I'm sure you would think twice about calling yourself exempt.

People who are exempt, in my opinion, you usually already know who would be exempt. Granted not everyone. But if you literally tried to wear a mask, and then said you were exempt, I'm sorry, you're lying. If you were truly exempt, you wouldn't even attempt to put one on.


Also. I deal with anxiety, severe anxiety, and depression. I spend most of my life isolated and alone from others out of fear of talking to people and what they think of me and how they judge me. I am still able to wear a mask for 10+ hours a day and recognise where something is not a joke. Your personal "anxiety" issues to wearing a mask are pathetic.

Update 2:

Lastly. I am treating this as groups. People who seriously are exempt and are taking the pandemic seriously. Those who lie about those exemptions, and are not taking the pandemic seriously. Also, those liars, you are an insult to those with actual real conditions, and exemptions, such as breathing difficulties (of which they were previously self aware of) and also invisible disabilities which result in the inability to wear one. This does not mean you get to invent your own invisible disability.

Update 3:

Exactly Jimmy C, Exactly. Having a medical condition is all the more reason, this literal evidence makes my blood boil.

Update 4:

Ok Stephen. I apologise for getting your knickers in a twist. "Can protect others, must protect others as well" thats such a crafty way to change what I said. "Flat out Lie" I'd rather lie about being careful than lie about having an exemption lmao. Okay, if it's so different from surgery, why are you treating the safety of you and your patient differently from a member of the public?

Update 5:

Jimmy C. Please source me all the evidence of these known “facts” you have presented. Guarantee they are wrong and an OPINION you have which has as much worth as my own. 

Update 6:

***STEHEN F ^^

Update 7:

This is what I mean anonymous: People who are really exempt get grouped with the same people who lie about exemptions.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    Yup.  Most people who claim to have exemptions are lying, just like the jerks that pretend their pet is a service dog so they can take it to a restaurant with them. 

    There ARE valid exemptions.  If someone is unable to put the mask on or take it off of themselves, it shouldn't be worn.  A wet mask could suffocate someone if they can't remove it.  Likewise, there are people that can't breath with them, but those people likely need to be home as much as possible and they are a major reason the rest of us wear masks. 

  • GiGi
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    I don't think there are many people that are claiming that they have a mask exemption. By the way, I could easily get a mask exemption but won't.  

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I am exempt because my young child is deaf, he lip reads and needs to see my face for expressions, it’s the only way he can communicate, Iv checked the list and this is a reason for being exempt, so when we go shopping I get so many people staring at us, he’s sat in the shopping cart facing me while I’m pushing, and the way people look at us is terrible! Iv had way too many arguments already with people over it. They do apologise when they realise my child is deaf, but Iv seen so many people saying they are exempt and I don’t believe they are. 

  • 2 months ago

    In the USA a private business, open to the public, has a nearly absolute power to restrict who may enter and to have anyone violating their private rules arrested for criminal trespassing, if they refuse to leave.

    There is no "medical exemption" from those rules unless the owner of the property says there is. That could result in losing 99 percent of their other customers who choose not to risk being inside a shop with others not willing to wear a mask.  Simple as that.

    In my state there are executive orders to wear a mask when out in public and unable to remain socially distant, with numerous exceptions for things like medical or mental conditions.  NONE of those exemptions applies to a private property owner who simply doesn't want to bother with determination of who is lying or actually exempt and who is not.

    "We reserve the (legal) right to refuse service to anyone."  If someone is denied service for some allegedly "illegal reason", they can take their evidence to court, but they're still going to have a criminal trespassing charge on their record for the rest of their life.

  • 2 months ago

    Yes, of course they are.  If you cannot breath in a mask, then going out without one and exposing yourself to corona is probably the DUMBEST possible thing you could do, as COVID would almost certainly kill you.

  • 2 months ago

    I am pretty sure they are not lying. I can't breath.I have COPD & Heart Disease. I wear it but it makes my shortness of breath worst. If other aren't around in the gym I take it off doing my exercise. I have a friend that say it restricts her breathing as well. She has Asthma.

  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    UK. If they are exempt they have to show a certificate from their Doctor.. If your store will not ask then that is up to your Managers.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    HERE WE GO AGAIN, a business cannot refuse entry due to an ILLEGAL reason (such as disability discrimination) in the US.  The mask issue is a tricky one.  Yes they can argue the accommodation of no mask is not reasonable as it is a health and safety risk.  BUT, some states have legally granted the medical that implies allowing a person in without a mask is a reasonable accommodation.  Honestly, until a court decides, there is no firm ruling one way or the other.  YES, the medical exemption applies to private business...just like ADA does.

    and NO, there will be no criminal trespass charge when the person is denied entry and doesn't go in.

    Most, probably flat out lying, there are some that are just stupid and really think the mask is a danger to them.  Anyone who says there is NO reason is ignorant and needs to be grateful its not them or their family.  One REAL example is autism, people with autism often have sensory issues and just can't understand why they need to wear a mask...OBVIOUSLY wearing a mask helps...for example, in a coffee shop, many customers got covid, BUT NONE of the employees that were there for hours and much more exposed.

    for the most part asthma would not prevent a person from wearing a mask for example.  one exception would be if the mask triggered an attack. I knew someone that had so many sensitivities a mask over her face would trigger an attack from the fibers and what ever was used to make the  mask.

    I do have legit issue that limit my ability.  It causes severe pain due to allodynia.  breathing in the heat makes me dizzy due to the same underlying neuro condition.

    I have a problem with my diaphragm.  I breathe different with the mask on and it causes severe pain, making me feel like I am suffocating.  I find it makes me trip a store that is not a significant issue, but outside on even or icy ground or while walking the dog that gets underfoot it is an issue.

    BUT, i limit my time in a store to how long I can tolerate with a mask on.

    I am not in crowds outside and keep my mask handy in case I am near people.

    I honestly nearly passed out numerous times from wearing the mask.  If I really have to, I get away from people and briefly lift it to breathe in cool air.

    What I find is most idiotic, are people that want to start an argument over a person not wearing a mask WITH THAT PERSON.....rather than just let that person pass by and get out of harms way.

    I was recently in that situation.  In my area, masks are only required outdoors when in crowds.  And there are exemptions like when you are significantly exerting yourself or it is otherwise unsafe.

    The weather has been bad near me,  parking lots are poorly plowed with ice spots and pot holes that are hard to see.  They are a major trip/slip hazard for me.  Also due to physical limitations, it take a lot of exertion to get out of a car-equivalent to intense exercise exertion.

    I needed to put air in my car tire.  So had to park near other cars (I usually park away  so I can get out of my car without a mask and not be  near people).  The air pumps are busy (only free ones in the area) so it wasn't like I could just wait for the other person to leave.  It was unsafe for me to exit my car and walk on the poorly maintained parking lot to the other side of my was probably about 15 seconds I was mostly 3+ feet from the other person for me to get a safe distance.

    The guy thought it would be a good idea to try to get me to stop and engage in an argument with him over my mask being down...which would have caused much more of an exposure than simply letting me go past him to the other side of my car...but I just ignored him.

    especially since masks are not legally required in that situation (2 people with a 15 second 6 foot infringement)....i  get it would be better, but that was not a safe choice for me.....but I am more than willing to stay in my car and let an alleged gentleman fill my tire for me.

    Now that it has warmed up, the lots aren't icy and I can be reasonably safe walking with a mask, except right next to where the snow is piled up.

  • 2 months ago

    Jimmy C couldn't be more wrong if he wanted to be. What he said IS NOT even a weak argument, much less evidence. Of course NEITHER of you is even remotely familiar with the concept of evidence or interested in facts.

    I will treat this with care as I hadn't previously.


    I proved in a fair point before that if you were to become a surgeon, in an operating room, I guarantee you wouldn't think of not wearing a mask in those conditions.

    Those conditions are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from anyone outside of a STERILE operating room wearing a mask for ANY reason.

    Why are you treating a global pandemic any differently?

    1. A pandemic IS entirely different from a surgery.

    2. Covid-19 hasn't been statistically anywhere close to a pandemic for MONTHS.

    Regardless if it protects you or not. It protects others and stops the spread.

    NOT POSSIBLE. Unless I am contagious, NOTHING I do CAN protect anyone. If someone wearing a mask CAN protect others, it MUST protect them as well.

    Note: INTENTIONALLY misspelling a name you have ONLY seen in print actually PROVES you don't care about facts.

    Source(s): What used to be 4th grade understanding of science.
  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Wearing mask does not make sense. Wear mask only if you have infection or feel sick. Wearing and touching face frequently is more risky.

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