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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceTrivia · 2 months ago

Would you save your wife or your sister? ?

Your wife is the love of your life and your sister is your best friend. No drama, no problems, they are both great, terrific people. But they are both getting attacked by this large man with thick meaty hands and he's choking both of them with each hand. You can save one but by the time you get to the other one, they have asphyxiated. Which one would you choose first? 

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    There is no right answer to the question. Someone who might fall back on the logic that humans are inherently animals might say that once a person has chosen a mate, that relationship supersedes all blood relationships save that of parent and child, i.e.: a person's duty to one's spouse takes precedence over one's duty to a parent, sibling, or any other relation. The only exception to this would be if the choice was between one's spouse and one's child. In the animal kingdom, during lean times, animals might resort to eating their young because while it's possible to have more offspring, it's not as easy to replace a mate. But most humans would see it the opposite way - your child is your top priority. We must defend our children, no ands ifs, or buts about it.  

    Your question implies that a person in a very traumatic situation might somehow be capable of weighing options and arriving at a conclusion using logic. It's not true. Practically anyone in such a situation would have barely a nanosecond to act, and the person's actions would more than likely be based on nothing but sheer instinct. A person who has been in a loving marriage for 15 years who sees his sister twice a year on holidays probably wouldn't grapple with the decision to save his wife. But a person who has been married for 15 months who has no other siblings besides the one sister might - if they two shared a close bond, be more inclined to save his sister and later rationalize that by saying "Well, I only have one sister and I can always find another wife." 

    In either case, a human life is spared and a person dies. Saving your wife and letting your sister die would leave a person wondering for the rest of his life whether or not he made the right decision. But saving your sister and allowing your wife to die would leave one with the same trauma and the same burning question: "Did I make the right choice?" 

    As for me personally, my wife is the mother of my children. I love my sister deeply and in my father's absence it is my duty to protect her. My relationship with my sister was once so close that I felt her husband ought to defer to me, but now my sister and I both have kids of our own, and my personal family unit of which I am the head - the breadwinner, the great defender, takes top priority, over everything and everyone. 

    When I married my wife I promised to always be there for her. My sister is a grown woman and she has a husband to protect her. My duty is to the person to whom I pledged my heart, who has birthed my children. 

    That is the choice that I would make in that short window of time, but I can tell you one thing: The man who took my sister from me would pay dearly for that. He would be begging for a speedy death by asphyxiation long before I was even halfway done with him.  

  • Eva
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    You don't have to choose.  Kicking him in the balls should take care of it since his hands are busy.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago


    1. I feel like asking wth kind of scenario is this?

    2. Good question that puts ppl in perspective. Are they for blood first? Or ho3s?

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